Welcome To Chan, PLLC
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Welcome To Chan, PLLC
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Clayton Chan Super Lawyers BadgeAt Chan, PLLC Law Offices, we help our clients plan for the future. If you’re beginning to think about organizing your assets and planning for the future, you’ll want to work with an experienced attorney that you can trust. At Chan, PLLC Law Offices, our Minneapolis estate planning lawyers are always available to help you set and reach your goals and needs. We often work with multi-generational families and offer a central resource for the creation and management of wills, trusts and all other estate planning, trusts, and business succession matters. By centralizing all of your estate planning services with one firm, you can reduce costly expenses down the road. At Chan, PLLC Law Offices, it’s the goal of Clayton Chan and his team to get to know you and your entire family, so that when something happens that impacts your estate, he is ready to respond quickly and accordingly based on a long-established & fruitful relationship.Clayton Chan Lead Counsel

Practice Areas

At Chan, PLLC Law Offices, we focus primarily on the following areas:

Estate Planning

Regardless of your age, taking care of a proper estate plan is vital. Whether you’re thinking ahead to well into the future, or just a few years down the road, having a plan in place helps to provide peace of mind for yourself as well as your loved ones. We work to custom design your plan, so as to ensure that your legacy passes as you wish, while also minimizing estate taxes.

Five Star Wealth ManagerFor example, a revocable trust allows your loved ones to avoid having to deal with probate court following your death, and to maintain confidentiality & privacy. A trust allows a person(or persons) referred to as the “trustee”, to hold the legal title to all of the assets for the benefit of the beneficiary. You’re able to serve as the trustee of your own living trust during your lifetime, while still maintaining complete control over what’s held in your trust.

At Chan, PLLC Law Offices, Clayton Chan has decades of experience helping families with all of their estate planning needs.

Clayton Chan and his team at Chan, PLLC Law Offices can determine whether a trust is the proper legal option for you and your family. We’ll take into account all of your assets, as well as your business interests and family situation to craft a legal solution that’s customized based on your needs.

Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration

Probate can be extremely complicated after a loved one’s death. Even if an individual had plans in place before their death, there can be a number of unforeseen complications that can lead to complex legal situations.

Thankfully, with the experienced legal help from Chan, PLLC Law Offices, you can navigate this process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Clayton Chan has extensive experience in moving an estate from start to finish, settling probate issues and trust administration during this difficult time for loved ones.

Business and Farm Succession Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and Corporate Entity Formation

If you own a business, you’ve likely spent considerable time, possibly even your entire lifetime building a successful company. You may not yet have devoted much time to deciding how the business could continue to operate in the event of your disability, retirement or death. Too often business owners are focused on running their businesses each day as opposed to putting processes in place that can protect their company for generations to come.

Your exit from the business will likely have an impact on your employees, as well as your family and assets and certain tax obligations. Working with an attorney to establish a plan for transferring control of your business should be a crucial part of any business and estate plan.

At Chan, PLLC Law Offices, we’ve worked with numerous business owners in all phases of business succession planning to create a smooth transition of ownership, with the ultimate goal of minimizing income and estate taxes.

Regarding Asset Protection Planning

We also assist our clients with asset protection planning. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and we can build a wealth preservation plan to protect your assets for you and your loved ones in connection with unforeseen events.

In addition to business succession planning, we also offer additional general corporate entity formation services including:

  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Creation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships

Are You Properly Prepared for an Emergency?

Estate planning is much more than setting up a will or trust; It can also be a beneficial way to plan for unforeseen accidents and disasters. No one wants to think about these scenarios, but it is wise to be properly prepared, and not be in a situation where your family doesn’t have access to the necessary resources because of poor planning. The team at Chan, PLLC Law Offices has extensive experience in these matters and would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your legal needs. Feel free to reach out to us at one of our offices in Minneapolis or Edina, MN today.