Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

Families who are dealing with the loss of a family member are often overwhelmed by the complexity of estate and trust administration. Depending on the complexity of an estate, it can be extremely beneficial to have the team at Chan, PLLC Law Offices to assist throughout the process.

Our estate and trust administration services include the following areas of expertise:

  • Probate & Estate Administration – If you’re not familiar, probate is the process of receiving court approval to transfer ownership of a deceased person’s assets to the designated beneficiaries. This type of proceeding is only required if and when a person owned what are referred to as “probate assets” at the time of their passing. Probate assets refer to any assets which are owned outright by a person and have no named beneficiaries to inherit the assets. The probate process typically involves identifying the individual to administer the estate, cataloging all of the deceased person’s assets and liabilities, identifying any and all beneficiaries and heirs, paying any taxes or debts and finally distributing the remaining assets to the correct beneficiaries and heirs.
  • Trust Administration – We provide legal guidance concerning proper trust administration and compliance. We can also be a resource for trust beneficiaries who may have questions about their rights and responsibilities as it relates to a trust.